The political discourse in the 2016 presidential election campaign

Special propaganda war report IV

We set the task to determine the main issues of the presidential campaign and to evaluate the positioning of candidates as regards the propaganda war issues: Bulgaria’s EU and NATO membership; sanctions and counter-sanctions; and illegal immigrants.

The methodology from the previous reports on the propaganda war has been applied for the purpose: the codes of the Euro-Atlantic position and of Moscow’s propaganda theses have been deduced; content analysis has been made of the subjects discussed by the presidential candidates and the place of the propaganda war subjects among those has been evaluated; the positions of the candidates have been evaluated as regards the closeness of their position to the two antipodes.

General ratings have been made considering the three issues; the three versions of projections in two issues have been analysed, and the presidential candidates have been rated along the `Brussels`  `Moscow` axis based on their average score.

Conclusions have been made about the possible outcome of the second round of the elections depending on the goals of the parties which have put forward or supported an own candidate and on the possibility that R. Radev will attract a large part of the vote influenced by Russian propaganda. His success would increase the risk of a new political crisis.

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