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Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of use of this website and of the services provided by the RISK ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT Association below carefully. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not use the website and our services.

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions for the services provided by the RISK ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT Association, hereinafter ‘THE ASSOCIATION’, to its users, including the services provided to users via the website of the Association riskmanagementlab.com. The terms and conditions are binding on all users. By loading the hyperlinks on the server of riskmanagementlab.com or through the payment and use of the services available through the platform, the user grants their full consent and undertakes to comply with the current General Terms and Conditions.

Users shall be identified so as to verify their acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions by means of storage of the input files on the server hosting riskmanagementlab.com of the user’s ID address and any other relevant information.

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall govern the relationship between the Association, on the one hand, and the users of the website of the Association riskmanagementlab.com in respect of any services provided by the Association, including those that may require the registration of a user name (ID) and a password.

A user is any third party who uses in any way whatsoever the website of the Association riskmanagementlab.com or any other service provided by the Association.

Services shall be all products, documents, works, analyses, forecasts, actions, etc. created, performed or provided to users by the Association in person or through third parties.

The Association shall be a not-for-profit organisation registered in accordance with Bulgarian law with head office and registered address in Sofia, New Bulgarian University, 21 Montevideo Boulevard.


1.1. The Association shall provide the following services to Users: online access to information, databases and discussion platforms – forums and subscription to news and statistical data, hereinafter the SERVICES. The type of services provided may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Association without express prior notice to the Users.

1.2. The Association shall provide the Services upon the following terms and conditions:

1.2.1. The terms and conditions may be updated at any time without special notice to the Users. The Association shall not be responsible if the User has failed to read the latest updated version of these terms and conditions.

1.2.2. The Association, in the capacity as developer and owner of the website riskmanagementlab.com, allows you to load and view all materials published on this website, hereinafter the WEBSITE, solely for personal, non-commercial use, provided that you respect all intellectual property rights, copyrights and the respective designations.

Without the express written consent of the authors, the content of the products of the Association may not be modified, reworked, adapted, supplemented or used to develop derivative materials nor may it be cited except in teaching and research contexts. The materials published on this Website are protected under the Copyright and Similar Rights Act and any unauthorised use may infringe copyrights, rights in trademarks or other applicable provisions of the law.

Intellectual property rights or copyrights in any material published on the Website, including its name and graphic design, are owned by the Association or by third party contracting partners.

1.2.3. The authors and the Association shall not be liable for information and materials produced or compiled by other sources not shall they be liable—directly or indirectly—for inaccurate, incomplete or manipulative use of the information set out in the materials published on riskmanagementlab.com.

1.2.4. The Association shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damage, including but not limited to damage, loss of data etc. resulting from the use or non-use of this Website, regardless or any caution, express or implied, given by the Association as to the possibility of any such damage or loss arising.

1.2.5. The available software, which is accessible via published links from this Website, is protected by copyrights and is the property of its respective developers and/or their suppliers and partners. Before using the software, please read the terms and conditions for use of its proprietors.

1.2.6. The Association does not wish to receive confidential or protected information from its users via this Website. All materials, information and other communications generated by or sent from this Website shall be non-confidential and are not protected by proprietary user rights. Any personal information a User requires to voluntarily send to the Association in order to receive products or services available from this Website shall be protected by and handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Users shall be prohibited from posting on or sending to or from this Website any information that is unlawful, insulting, defamatory, pornographic or otherwise unacceptable and contrary to good morals or in contravention of applicable law.

1.2.7. When using the services of the Association the User shall comply with these terms and Conditions and any other provision laid down in national or international law, even when not expressly stipulated in this document.


2.1. The User understands and accepts that the Association shall not be liable for the timeliness, deletion or lack of possibility to provide or keep personal settings or communications saved by the user and any damage, loss or harm whatsoever resulting from the use of the services, including at a later date, due to technical failure, scheduled maintenance, administrator decisions, etc.

2.2. In order to use the Services, the User must have access to devices capable of accessing web-based content. In addition, the User must ensure all necessary equipment enabling such access, including a computer, modem or another device Internet access enabling device. The Association shall not be liable for any disruption or technical problem that suspends the use of the services, resulting from the operation of any such computer and other equipment by the User.


3.1. In order to use the Services provided by the Association, the User shall:

3.1.1. provide truthful, accurate and complete information about himself/herself when filling out the registration form (hereinafter collectively referred to as PERSONAL DATA);

3.1.2. modify and update such Personal Data as necessary to ensure its truthfulness, accuracy and completeness;

3.1.3. Where a User provides information that is false, inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete, the Association may close and/or delete the information about the respective mailing address and refuse further access to all or part of its services.


4.1. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the User shall be entitled to access to the personal data entered or made available to the Association during the course of use of the services, including for the purpose of modifying such data.

4.2. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions herewith the Users who have registered a User name, ID, password and e-mail expressly agree to the personal data provided to the Association being processed electronically, when an order for the provision of a service or delivery of a product is requested. Such processing shall be handled by an employee of the Association.

4.3. All personal or other data that provided voluntarily to the Association in order to identify the user during the course of use of the services shall be kept, processed and used by the Association within the remit of the law and for the purpose of maintenance of certain functionalities of the services by the Association.

4.4. The Association shall not provide personal data of the User to third parties without the express prior consent of the User, except when required to do so by law, for the purpose of postal or mailing services and when exercises its legal rights in a court of law.

4.5. The Association shall retain the right to user the IP addresses of Users in order to establish their identity or, where necessary, in order to comply with the law, fulfil the requirements for legal proceedings, provide postal services or ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

4.6. The personal correspondence of Users shall be strictly confidential and will not breached, altered, or read without the express consent and/or instruction from the User.


5.1. The User shall be assigned the USER NAME (ID) AND PASSOWRD they wish to use thereby granting him and/or her access to all services provided by the Association upon registration.

5.2. The User is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the User name and Password received and for any activity carried out by or on behalf of the User under their assigned user name and password.

5.3. The User shall undertake to immediately notify the Association of any unauthorised use of his/her User name and password or any other breach of security and log off at the end of each session (after using them).

5.4. Where a password is lost (or forgotten), the Association will automatically generate a new password and send a notification to the e-mail specified by the User in the registration form.

5.5. The Association shall not be liable for any damage and loss arising from or in connection with a failure to comply with the requirements set out above.


6.1. The User understands that the information, data, published opinions, text, software, audio, image or any other file or material, hereinafter referred to as CONTENT, that become available in the public domain or get transmitted on a confidential basis, shall be the sole responsibility of the individual who generates such Content;

6.2. The User of the Services shall bear sole responsibility for any content transmitted via e-mail or otherwise during the course of use of the Services. The Association shall not monitor the content sent or disseminated via the services and therefore may not guarantee the integrity, truthfulness or nature of such content;

6.3. When using the Services, the User may encounter content that is unlawful, insulting, defamatory, pornographic or otherwise unacceptable and contrary to good morals or in contravention of applicable law. The Association shall not be liable in any circumstances whatsoever for user-generated content, including any errors and omissions in such content and/or any damage, loss or harm of any description whatsoever, arising the use of content displayed, published, sent or otherwise transmitted through the Services.

6.4. The User may not use the Services provided by the Association in order to:

6.4.1. formulate, send or otherwise transmit content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, insulting, vulgar, immoral, defamatory or breaching the privacy of another party or unacceptable for racial, ethnic or other reasons or contravenes good morals;

6.4.2. cause a party to be misled about the identity or belonging of an individual to a group;

6.4.3. obfuscates the origin or the content transmitted via the Services;

6.4.4. formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit content that the User may not make available by law or covenant or contractual stipulation in respect of confidentiality, such as inside information, confidential information or information received on the basis of contractual relations, which is prohibited from being disseminated.

6.4.5. formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit content that breaches patent, commercial or other property rights of third parties;

6.4.6. formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit unauthorised advertising material;

6.4.7. formulate, send, publish or otherwise transmit materials containing computer viruses or other computer code or software intended to disrupt or otherwise obstruct the functioning of computer software, hardware or other equipment;

6.4.8. disrupt the normal use of the Services by other Users, including when not using the Services, and adversely impact in any way the possibility of other Users to participate in real time exchange;

6.4.9. interfere with Service provision or disrupt the operation of servers and networks related to the services, breach the requirements, procedures, policies or provisions governing the service related networks;

6.4.10. breach any law whatsoever;

6.4.11. persecute or otherwise harass third parties;

6.4.12. unlawfully collect and use personal data of other users.


7.1. The Association shall not sell personal data to third parties. Personal data may be required for the purpose of registering to use certain services. It may include an e-mail, password, sex, date of birth, etc. Such data may be transmitted to third parties solely with the content of the User. The data may be transmitted to third parties when the Association is required to do so by law or a government agency in accordance with the procedure laid down by law and the terms and conditions contained herein.

7.2. LOG FILES. The website may collect and use log file data. That information contains the IP address, browser type and operating system of the User and the times of any visits to the website.

7.3. COOKIES. This is a small file the web server sends to the browser to memorise. The website may collect and use data from such cookies. This allows the website to receive feedback from the browser. The user may delete the cookies of the Association or third parties through a dedicated option in each browser.

7.4. WEB BEACONS are files that enable the website to collect information about the number of users and access their cookies. The website may also gather and use data from the web beacons.

7.5. The Association may use both a proprietary and third systems for displaying advertisements on the website. These networks may use technologies such as cookies and web beacons and gather data, such as IR addresses, browser types and in some cases whether the user has installed Adobe FLASH.


8.1 The Association may change the technology and design of the services used without prior notice.

8.2. The Association may send its users system generated notifications relating to new services, information related to the services used or changes in the terms and conditions of use of currently available services.

8.3. The content of all advertisements displayed on the website of the Association and any protected trademarks used therein shall be the responsibility of the advertisers.

8.4. The Association may:

– delete a created user name, if the User does not use it for more than 3 months and has no active services;

– cancel the right to use the services provided to users at any time and delete a user name in case of violations of the General terms and Conditions or if the user has not used any of the services for more than six months;

8.5. When take any of the actions envisaged above, the Association shall send a notice to the User. Such notice shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the User for contact purposes at the time of registration. Where the User has failed to provide such an address, the notice shall be deemed to be give, without an obligation arising for the Association to seek other contact details.

8.6. In view of the international nature of the world wide web and the fact that the website is linked to that network, the Association cannot guarantee that the traffic flow to and from the website will not be monitored and recorded by third parties, except where encryption is used that provides protection in accordance with the international SSL certificate.

If you have any additional enquiries, please feel free to contact us using the email and telephone number on the webpage.