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  • Montenegro, July 2016 On July 14 2016, the Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted what appeared to be a series of messages threatening the tiny republic of Montenegro: These vague threats came from Foreign Ministry spokesperso

  • This is part I of an investigation into a series of active measures, hybrid warfare and false-flag operations in the countries of the Balkans that appear to have been orchestrated by Russian individuals in close coordina

  • The present report seeks to analyze and assess the possible risks to Bulgaria and its regional environment from the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Six specific risks are pointed out,

  • Special propaganda war report IV We set the task to determine the main issues of the presidential campaign and to evaluate the positioning of candidates as regards the propaganda war issues: Bulgaria’s EU and NATO member

  • Extraordinary reports on propaganda war III The report analyses and identifies the objectives of the Russian propaganda aggression in geopolitical terms on the territory of Southeastern Europe and Bulgaria. The identifie

  • Special Propaganda War Reports II The methodology used in this special report and in the previous one on the propaganda war allows us to trace its impact on the voters’ sharing of/positioning to some or other theses when


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